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iPhone 5 battery issues!

Posted in Apple,Cell Phones & SmartPhones on the September 27th, 2012

Apple maps on iOS 6 and iPhone 5 have been under fire ever since launch but there is another issue that hasn’t gotten much public attention. The battery life.

iPhone 2.0: Usage Time = Standby Time !!!

Posted in Apple,Cell Phones & SmartPhones on the July 14th, 2008

With the 2.0 release of the iPhone firmware and the launch of the App Store a day earlier, Alligator could not wait to upgrade his phone. As soon as the firmware was out on Friday, July 11th, Alligator plugged his iPhone into the computer and was able to the get the new firmware after a lot of clicking on the update button. Finally after crawling through the “Could not access iTunes Store” error message, the iPhone was back up and running with the 2.0 firmware.

Google Mobile Maps GPS without GPS?

Posted in Cell Phones & SmartPhones,Technology on the November 30th, 2007

Google has once again broker all barriers and introduced the My Location feature in Google Maps. The My Location feature approximates the current location using cell phone towers instead of a GPS device. So chances are if you have a newer cell phone without a GPS that you could Google Maps and it could tell you your approximate location between 25 meters to 2500 meters. That means no more finding out where you are at, just open Google Maps on your cell phone and let it find itself on the map. Although the technology is proprietary there have been rumors that the cell phone using the My Location feature sends some information about your location to the Google servers. So if privacy is a concern then you could have the My Location feature disabled. We tried it on a Nokia E61 Symbian S60 3rd edition phone and it works great and even though it’s still in Beta it’s more than 90% accurate. You can find more information about the technology here.

Apple iPhone

Posted in Cell Phones & SmartPhones on the June 4th, 2007

AT&T has announced the release date for the Apple iPhone to be June 29. The 4GB will cost approx. 499$ and the 8GB will cost approx. $599 with a 2 year contract. There are also rumors that the iPhone SDK will be released at the WWDC which commences on June 11th. Time to break your piggy bank and get an iPhone.

E61 New Firmware 3.0633.09.04 Problems

Posted in Cell Phones & SmartPhones on the January 31st, 2007

Having upgraded my phone from firmware 1 to firmware version 2 and finding many improvements, I decided to upgrade to firmware version 3. Although the new version does seem to be much more responsive but I have lost a lot of functionality.


Sony Ericsson Black Diamond

Posted in Cell Phones & SmartPhones on the March 12th, 2006

Black Diamond
Time to throw away your RAZR (not really!). Here is the Sony Ericsson’s concept of the new Black Diamond. With no release date confirmed, the Black Diamond will surely give the RAZR a beating when it’s released.

More info

Motorola ROKR E3

Posted in Cell Phones & SmartPhones on the March 5th, 2006

Motorola ROKR
Introducing the new Motorola ROKR with a iPod like click wheel. Does not look all that facinating and also looks very bulky. The click wheel is supposed to taken off the iPod but rumours have it that it does not completely function like the iPod click wheel.

More ROKR E3 Pics

Motorola SLVR

Posted in Cell Phones & SmartPhones on the February 3rd, 2006

Motorola SLVR
Introducing the candy bar version of the RAZR – the SLVR. Nothing new in this phone except for PTT (push to talk) and built in iTunes. The speaker is supposed to have a decent volume and quality. Otherwise all the rest of the features are standard as in any Motorola phone.
More info on SLVR

How small is your phone?

Posted in Cell Phones & SmartPhones on the December 20th, 2005

When you think you have the smallest phone of them all, you suddenly see someone with a smaller and cuter phone that yours. Cell phone companies are racing to make the next tiny phone. But there are some who still like the bulky ones. The one who leads that race till now is the Gotive H42. But it’s got all that a geek could want. Bar code reader, GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi, Camera, Fingerprint Reader, RFID, etc.

Motorola PEBL

Posted in Cell Phones & SmartPhones on the December 10th, 2005

The makers of the ultra cool RAZR have a new model lined up. It’s not as sleek as the RAZR but it’s still got the looks. Introducing the PEBL. Nothing fancy technology wise and T Mobile has this phone listed on their site as coming soon.
Motorola PEBL

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