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GMail plus “+” sign to create sub email addresses

Posted in Technology on the March 22nd, 2007

GMail allows the use of + in the email address and ignores everything after it. So for example if your email address is then you could use and that email would still reach you. Then in GMail you could search for someone+mailing and all the emails sent to will be shown. You could essentially create unlimited sub email addresses. Whats even better is that you can create multiple sub emails and give everyone a separate email address. Then you can keep track of who sells/distributes your email address to others and you can just filter that sub email out. Sweet!

CakePHP Naming Conventions

Posted in CakePHP on the March 22nd, 2007

CakePHP is a rapid development framework to speed up PHP development. But for the rapid development to be really rapid you need to follow some rules. The most important rule being the naming conventions. Although it’s pretty straight forward, I had some hiccups here and there. So hopefully this will help someone from losing their hair.


Disable Screen Flicker/Blacking out before UAC Prompt

Posted in Microsoft Windows on the March 12th, 2007

You might have noticed you screen black out or flicker before the User Access Control (UAC) prompt pops up. This is not a bug but it is a security feature to grab your attention. Of course like the many other things in Vista that you don’t think, you could disable this blacking out or flickering too.


Disable Windows Vista UAC (User Access Control)

Posted in Microsoft Windows on the March 12th, 2007

User Access Control has turned out to be a nuisance rather than a security enhancement for many people. UAC requires all users to run in the standard mode rather than in Administrator mode. This minimizes the risk of a user/program accidentally making system wide changes that could corrupt the OS. So UAC blocks and prompts for the Administrator approval for any system wide changes. Therefore with UAC silent installations won’t be silent anymore as the user will first be prompted by UAC to allow or disallow the installation.


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