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Sony DVD Changer for Media Center PC’s

Posted in Uncategorized on the March 26th, 2006

Sony DVD Changer
Sony has come up with their VGP-XL1B2 DVD Changer which can store up to 200 DVD’s. This changer can be used with Media Center 2005 Update Rollup 2 and connects via Firewire port. One great feature about this $800.00 unit is that it allows to daisy chain up 4 other changers adding upto a capacity of 1000 DVDs. But wouldn’t it just be easier to store everything on a hard drive or an array of hard drives instead of stacking up 5 changers?

Pictures on your car rims using LED

Posted in Technology on the March 25th, 2006

Remember those go round LED lights that you rotate to display a message or an image. What if you could fit those in your car rims. Well it has been done and it looks pretty cool (video below). The rims come with a computer software to upload pictures for the rims. So you could literally put up any picture on your rims and each rim can have a different picture/message. You could also store upto 6 images in each rim that will change at selected intervals. Visit CustomWheel to order your pair. Go ahead Pimp your Ride!


Google Earth Database Updated

Posted in Technology on the March 24th, 2006

Time to fire up Google Earth and fly in to Germany as Google has just updated the maps/images on Google Earth. Some of the changes include updated earth basemap to another source called TrueData, Germany along with many Tropical, Caribbean Islands has been upgraded to high-resolution. But there have been also many reports stating that some images have been degraded to older versions.

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Playstation 3 (PS3) Updates

Posted in Gadgets on the March 17th, 2006

It has been announced by Sony officials that the PS3 will be released in November 2006 conflicting previous rumors about a 2007 release. Other announcements include the integration of Blu-Ray technology consisting of 50GB storage and a 60 GB Harddrive. The PS3 is also said to have a 3.2 Gigahertz Cell processor, 256MB XDR memory, 256MB GDDR video memory, six USB ports, three Ethernet ports and Bluetooth connectivity. The prices have not been released yet but it is expected to cost between USD $400 and $500.
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Sony Ericsson Black Diamond

Posted in Cell Phones & SmartPhones on the March 12th, 2006

Black Diamond
Time to throw away your RAZR (not really!). Here is the Sony Ericsson’s concept of the new Black Diamond. With no release date confirmed, the Black Diamond will surely give the RAZR a beating when it’s released.

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Apple Worldwide Developer Conference 2006

Posted in Apple on the March 7th, 2006

Apple has just announced the WWDC will be scheduled for August 7-11 in San Francisco. Jobs will also preview the OS X 10.5 (Leopard) at WWDC 2006. But at a ticket price of $1,295 people would rather buy a new iMac!

Apple WWDC 2006

Playstation 3 Delayed

Posted in Gadgets on the March 6th, 2006

It has been confirmed by various sources that Playstation 3 will not be released before the holidays this year. Let’s hope they make it out early next year.

Motorola ROKR E3

Posted in Cell Phones & SmartPhones on the March 5th, 2006

Motorola ROKR
Introducing the new Motorola ROKR with a iPod like click wheel. Does not look all that facinating and also looks very bulky. The click wheel is supposed to taken off the iPod but rumours have it that it does not completely function like the iPod click wheel.

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