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Canon Powershot SD 700 IS (Image Stabilization) Reviews

Posted in Gadgets on the December 27th, 2006

Canon SD700 IS
The Canon SD700 IS can proudly claim that it is the first Canon point and shoot camera with Image Stabilization. Image Stabilization proves to be a very useful feature, especially for amateurs like myself the Alligator. Image Stabilization results cannot be seen clearly in a brightly lit environment since the shutter speed is quick but in night shots the image stabilizer is a life saver. The SD700 IS is capable of 6 mega pixels and has a generous 4x optical zoom. The camera also features a ISO 800 mode for low light shooting but the results are usually noisy in very low light.
The Powershot SD700 IS has a very solid feel and is compact enough to slip in the trouser pocket. The controls are very well laid out but the power button could be refined a little more. Other features include a widescreen mode and the ability to shoot a high quality video at 60 fps. Overall the Alligator gives this little Digital ELPH a thumbs up!

Nintendo DS Lite: The best handheld ever?

Posted in Gadgets on the July 18th, 2006

Nintendo DS Lite
Cheaper than a Playstation and with looks of an iPod, the DS Lite is considered by many as the best handheld gaming device. It sold more than 13 million devices. The device has dual screens with the lower screen being a touchscreen. The touchscreen has taken gaming to the next level. Although the graphics might not be as great as the PSP but the games are certainely more enjoyable and fun.

The device also has a built in 802.11b wireless and playing games with people around the world is totally free. There is also an internet browser in the works by Opera. The browser will be available as an add-on catridge for approximately 32 USD. Japanese DS owners will also have the capability of watching TV on their device by getting a TV tuner card. Alligator would like to give two thumbs up to Nintendo for doing a great job.

Playstation 3 pricing released!

Posted in Gadgets on the May 10th, 2006

Sony has officially announced the launch date of November 17 and pricing in Australia. The Playstation will be available in 2 flavours: One with a 20GB hard drive and the other with a 60GB hard drive. The 20GB will cost AU$849 (Approx $653 USD) and the 60GB will cost AU$999 (Approx $769 USD). Lets hope there no shortages like the ones that Xbox 360 faced.

DVD Walkman from Sony

Posted in Gadgets on the April 18th, 2006

Sony DVD Walkman
A company that has always been at the forefront of technology is a little slow on this one. Sony has introduced the D-VE7000S and DVP-FX810 DVD Walkmans. These walkmans are nothing more than portable DVD players with a 7 inch screen which have long been in the market. Also these DVD Walkmans do not support DivX or Xvid. Do you want one?

Playstation 3 (PS3) Updates

Posted in Gadgets on the March 17th, 2006

It has been announced by Sony officials that the PS3 will be released in November 2006 conflicting previous rumors about a 2007 release. Other announcements include the integration of Blu-Ray technology consisting of 50GB storage and a 60 GB Harddrive. The PS3 is also said to have a 3.2 Gigahertz Cell processor, 256MB XDR memory, 256MB GDDR video memory, six USB ports, three Ethernet ports and Bluetooth connectivity. The prices have not been released yet but it is expected to cost between USD $400 and $500.
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Playstation 3 Delayed

Posted in Gadgets on the March 6th, 2006

It has been confirmed by various sources that Playstation 3 will not be released before the holidays this year. Let’s hope they make it out early next year.

Top 3 Gadgets of 2005

Posted in Gadgets on the December 31st, 2005

Seeing top 10 gadgets of 2005 lists all over the net, Alligator decided on making it more competitive and shortening it to a top 3 gadgets of 2005 list. These list will not be surprising to a lot so…

Ladies and Gentlemen presenting the top 3 gadgets of 2005

3.) Xbox 360

2.) Google Earth

1.) Apple iPod

The Xbox 360 could have done much better but it still deserves something for wining the race against PS3 and Nintendo Revolution. Now let’s see if the PS3 gets it’s name in the Top 3 gadgets of 2006 list.

Alligator wishes you all a Very Happy New Year.

Nintendo Revolution cheaper than $299

Posted in Gadgets on the December 30th, 2005

According to this link Nintendo Revolution will be cheaper than Xbox 360 and probably cheaper than PS3. Is Nintendo sacrificing some features to keep their price low? Since $400 Xbox 360’s sold out almost instantly, will people really care to drop out some features to get a cheaper console?

Dell 32 inch LCD HDTV

Posted in Gadgets on the December 30th, 2005

Dell 32 inch
Introducing the Dell 32 inch LCD HDTV. With a resolution of 1366×768 HD, this is the ideal monitor for computing and watching HDTV. Alligator can’t wait to get his hands on one of these.

Dell 32 Inch LCD

Xbox Live Diamond Card

Posted in Gadgets on the December 24th, 2005

XBOX diamond card
Another reason to make you prepay for a year for Xbox Live. The Xbox Live Diamond Card. The Xbox Live Diamond Card is given to those who have prepaid for a year’s worth of Xbox Live. This Diamond Card is supposed to give you discounts at partnering stores (like MacDonalds) and also comes your gamertag printed on it. Will this make you prepay for a year?

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