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Nintendo DS Lite: The best handheld ever?

Posted in Gadgets on the July 18th, 2006

Nintendo DS Lite
Cheaper than a Playstation and with looks of an iPod, the DS Lite is considered by many as the best handheld gaming device. It sold more than 13 million devices. The device has dual screens with the lower screen being a touchscreen. The touchscreen has taken gaming to the next level. Although the graphics might not be as great as the PSP but the games are certainely more enjoyable and fun.

The device also has a built in 802.11b wireless and playing games with people around the world is totally free. There is also an internet browser in the works by Opera. The browser will be available as an add-on catridge for approximately 32 USD. Japanese DS owners will also have the capability of watching TV on their device by getting a TV tuner card. Alligator would like to give two thumbs up to Nintendo for doing a great job.

New Boeing 747-8

Posted in Technology on the July 15th, 2006

Looks like it’s Boeings answer to Airbus A380 but Boeing denies it. Here is the new high-tech Boeing 747-8. Boeing claims it to be the fastest and quitest jumbo to date.


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