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No more Windows Media Player for Mac

Posted in Apple on the January 13th, 2006

Microsoft has dropped Windows Media Player development for the Mac. Although it will still allow to users to download the current version from their website but there will no future updates. Instead users are recommended to download the Flip4Mac plugin for Apple Quicktime. The Flip4Mac plugin allows users to play WMV files in Quicktime.

Google Earth for OSX released.

Posted in Apple on the January 11th, 2006

Google has finally released Google Earth for Mac. And as some of the folks predicted it only works on OSX 10.4 and up.

Here’s the link

MacBook and iMac won’t run Windows XP

Posted in Apple on the January 11th, 2006

When Apple announced it’s switch to Intel processors, people rejoiced since they thought they could now dual boot Mac and Windows instead of running it through a emulator (Virtual PC). But Apple has gone one step further by using the Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) developed by Intel instead of BIOS, in it’s MacBooks and iMacs. On the other hand Windows does not use EFI as a result the current versions of Windows will not dual boot on the MacBooks and iMacs. But do not despair as Windows Vista will most probably support EFI.

Intel Powered Apple MacBook Pro and iMac

Posted in Apple on the January 10th, 2006

As predicted earlier by Alligator, Apple has announced it’s first portable dual-core laptop – the MacBook Pro. At $1,999 it’s a steal. Other interesting features include the built-in iSight web cam and a Magsafe power cord which automatically guide the power cord into the port.

MacBook Pro

Along with the MacBook Pro comes the first dual core Intel powered iMac.

Intel Powered iMac

The pro apps (Final Cut, Aperature & Logic Pro) will be universal in March.
I can see a lot of you running to the nearest Apple store to grab one.

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