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MacBook finally here!

Posted in Apple on the May 16th, 2006

The wait is finally over for all the ibook lovers who wanted to switch over to Intel. Introducing Macbook the younger brother of MacBook Pro.

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Playstation 3 pricing released!

Posted in Gadgets on the May 10th, 2006

Sony has officially announced the launch date of November 17 and pricing in Australia. The Playstation will be available in 2 flavours: One with a 20GB hard drive and the other with a 60GB hard drive. The 20GB will cost AU$849 (Approx $653 USD) and the 60GB will cost AU$999 (Approx $769 USD). Lets hope there no shortages like the ones that Xbox 360 faced.

Leopard to have Bit Torrent client built in

Posted in Apple on the May 1st, 2006

There are rumors that OSX Leopard will have a Bit Torrent client built in. This would allow users to donate their upload bandwidth for software patches, etc. in exchange for credit like iTunes songs.

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