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DVD Walkman from Sony

Posted in Gadgets on the April 18th, 2006

Sony DVD Walkman
A company that has always been at the forefront of technology is a little slow on this one. Sony has introduced the D-VE7000S and DVP-FX810 DVD Walkmans. These walkmans are nothing more than portable DVD players with a 7 inch screen which have long been in the market. Also these DVD Walkmans do not support DivX or Xvid. Do you want one?

Apple Releases Boot Camp

Posted in Apple on the April 6th, 2006

Apple has announced that the upcoming version of OSX will have the ability to boot Windows on Intel Macs. For now it’s called Boot Camp and called be downloaded from here and installed on Tiger. This program partitions your hard drive and then burns a CD with all the drivers needed for Windows. Once installed you just need to press the Option Key (“Alt”) and the Mac gives you a choice of what OS to boot into.

A computer with 24,000 processors

Posted in Technology on the April 2nd, 2006

Imagine upgrading your computer to house 24,000 processors. The Energy Department has just ordered such a system for itself. The system will be delivered in 2008 by Cray Inc. of Seattle. It is expected to have 24,000 2.6Ghz quadcore AMD processors, with 187 to 400 terabytes of memory. This system is also expected to break the 1 PetaFlop (1 Quadrillion) floating point calculation per second. Just a thought, will Windows Server support this system?

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Looking for Windows Drivers?

Posted in Uncategorized on the April 2nd, 2006

Here is one site where you could download windows drivers. Although they wouldn’t have all the drivers but the list is huge. The drivers have been split into categories like graphics drivers, lan drivers, sound drivers, wireless drivers, etc. Check it out at

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