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Top 3 Gadgets of 2005

Posted in Gadgets on the December 31st, 2005

Seeing top 10 gadgets of 2005 lists all over the net, Alligator decided on making it more competitive and shortening it to a top 3 gadgets of 2005 list. These list will not be surprising to a lot so…

Ladies and Gentlemen presenting the top 3 gadgets of 2005

3.) Xbox 360

2.) Google Earth

1.) Apple iPod

The Xbox 360 could have done much better but it still deserves something for wining the race against PS3 and Nintendo Revolution. Now let’s see if the PS3 gets it’s name in the Top 3 gadgets of 2006 list.

Alligator wishes you all a Very Happy New Year.

New Intel Slogan

Posted in Technology on the December 31st, 2005

“Intel Inside” – “Tuuum, Tuuum, Tum, Tum” – We might not get to see or hear that for too long since Intel is changing its slogan. The new slogan – “Leap Ahead”.
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Nintendo Revolution cheaper than $299

Posted in Gadgets on the December 30th, 2005

According to this link Nintendo Revolution will be cheaper than Xbox 360 and probably cheaper than PS3. Is Nintendo sacrificing some features to keep their price low? Since $400 Xbox 360’s sold out almost instantly, will people really care to drop out some features to get a cheaper console?

Dell 32 inch LCD HDTV

Posted in Gadgets on the December 30th, 2005

Dell 32 inch
Introducing the Dell 32 inch LCD HDTV. With a resolution of 1366×768 HD, this is the ideal monitor for computing and watching HDTV. Alligator can’t wait to get his hands on one of these.

Dell 32 Inch LCD

S Class with a LCD display!

Posted in Technology on the December 25th, 2005

The new Mercedes Benz S-Class is saying bye bye to the analog gauges in the dashboard and replacing them with LCD display. What if my $100,000+ S-Class has a dead pixel right on the Check Engine Sign or the Low Fuel Sign?

Google Earth for Mac OSX

Posted in Apple on the December 24th, 2005

Good news folks. It has been confirmed that Google has a beta version of Google Earth for Mac OSX but it is not available to the general public yet. Can’t wait for a GPS version to be available. Thank you Google, Thank You.

Xbox Live Diamond Card

Posted in Gadgets on the December 24th, 2005

XBOX diamond card
Another reason to make you prepay for a year for Xbox Live. The Xbox Live Diamond Card. The Xbox Live Diamond Card is given to those who have prepaid for a year’s worth of Xbox Live. This Diamond Card is supposed to give you discounts at partnering stores (like MacDonalds) and also comes your gamertag printed on it. Will this make you prepay for a year?

Video on the iPOD Nano ?

Posted in Gadgets on the December 24th, 2005

Even before Apple comes out with a Video iPod Nano, someone has already enabled video on the Nano by using Linux. When will people stop porting Linux to every circuit they can get hold off? Anyways here is the Google Video link.

Archos AV700

Posted in Gadgets on the December 20th, 2005

Archos AV700
What do you when you are commuting in a bus or train? What if you could watch your favorite late night show that you missed yesterday because you had to catch the train your in right now? Introducing the Archos AV700 DVR. This can also be called a portable personal TV with a 100GB harddrive (around 400 hours of movies). It has a 7″ LCD display that is very bright and clear. The Archos AV700 comes with a dock that connects with either your Cable/Dish or DVD allowing you to store videos to the AV700. At first look it looks very bulky but with a 100GB hardrive and a 7″ LCD display it is a really small package.
The only thing the Archos lacks is the LCD resolution. According to the website the Archos has a resolution of 480×234 pixels. On the other hand the Zen Vision from Creative has a 3.7″ LCD with a resolution of 640×480 pixels. So unless your a HD freak the Archos AV700 should serve your personal DVR needs.

Archos Av700

How small is your phone?

Posted in Cell Phones & SmartPhones on the December 20th, 2005

When you think you have the smallest phone of them all, you suddenly see someone with a smaller and cuter phone that yours. Cell phone companies are racing to make the next tiny phone. But there are some who still like the bulky ones. The one who leads that race till now is the Gotive H42. But it’s got all that a geek could want. Bar code reader, GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi, Camera, Fingerprint Reader, RFID, etc.

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