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iPhone 5 battery issues!

Posted in Apple,Cell Phones & SmartPhones on the September 27th, 2012

Apple maps on iOS 6 and iPhone 5 have been under fire ever since launch but there is another issue that hasn’t gotten much public attention. The battery life.

Alligator was a happy camper with his iPhone 4 and he would easily go a day or two without having to recharge the iPhone. Having upgraded to the iPhone 5 Alligator started the next day with a full battery charge on the brand new iPhone 5. But by late afternoon Alligator was not happy to see that the phone had only 10% battery left considering the phone had been sitting on his desk doing nothing most of the day. To make matters worse Alligator had no way of charging the iPhone due to the new lightning connector and the sole lightning cable was miles away at home. About an hour later the phone died and Alligator had no access to his phone the rest of the day.
Very frustrated the next day Alligator does a web search on battery issues and a sees a bunch of posts relating to other iPhone users having limited battery life. One of the posts was a Apple describing listing some fixes to resolve battery issues including

  • Turning the phone off and then back on
  • Doing a restore in Apple iTunes

Without wasting any time Alligator switched his iPhone off and back on and by the end of the day next day the phone had a little more battery life but not that much. Fortunately Alligator carried the lightning USB cable with him so be could charge anywhere.

Then Alligator did a restore of his phone using iTunes hoping that would end the battery issue. But unfortunately that didn’t help either. Very close to making appointment at the Apple store Alligator tried to dig deeper to the cause of the issue.

What Alligator found was surprising that under Settings-Usage the standby time and usage time were very close which didn’t seem right at all. And this was a similar issue Alligator had on his iPhone 2G. So Alligator tried to do the same fix that worked on the iPhone 2G. He went to Settings-Reset and reset All Settings. Voila in about an hour after letting the phone sit Alligator started noticing the Usage and Standby times having a greater difference. The next day the iPhone lasted the whole day with about 40% battery to spare which made Alligator a happy camper again.
So if your having battery issues on the iPhone and notice the standby time and usage time being very close to each other all you might need do is a Reset All Settings in Settings-Reset. (Note as the option states you will loose all settings on the iPhone including stored passwords and preferences). Hope this helps someone having similar battery issues on not only the iPhone 5 but any iPhone.

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